Mecatronic Solutions from Soderep-Ecans™

Soderep-Ecans™ is a brand of Viatemis.

Viatemis designs and manufactures embedded mecatronic solutions on vehices used in various markets (trucks, working equipment, mining, marine, buses...) for more than 80 years worldwide.

Products are designed in collaboration with major vehicle contractors and equipment manufacturers which assure global compliance with international standards.

Dedicated Products

Main Switch Functions

  • Ensure a quick and efficient cut between the battery and electrical circuits
  • Avoid battery discharging of stationart vehicles
  • Prevent starting a fire caused by short circuit
  • secure the intervention on electrical beam
  • Protect against theft

All our switches are intended to be used in the mining sector and are mechanically lockable with padlocks and hasps. You can use our products with maximum voltage of 48V for manual and 30V for our electrical range.

How To Choose The Right Solution

Depending on your needs you can select the appropriate device in the Product Selection Guide. For each part number, you can requesta technical data sheet to access more information.

With the following questions and Education/FAQ you can easily identify your ideal solution

1. Is there an applicable standard for the intended use of mt equipment/vehicle?

2. Do I need a manual control, a remote control or both?

3. How many poles need to be impacted (only positive pole, negative pole or both)?

4. What is the maximum current (Amperes) for my installation?

5. Dot I need an auxilliary Circuit?


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