Mecatronic Solutions Education/FAQ

Applicable Standards

According to geographical and local regulations, applicable standards might be different but in order to simplify your understanding, Soderep-Ecans™ products are designed in collaboration with key opinion leaders on the different markets. Several products have been approved against ATEX requirements. On such devices, the Ex label according to the regulation is applied with our technical ATEX registration number.

Manual and Remote Control

Manual Range

Our manual range has the same functioning design: to switch from OFF to ON position, you turn the handle clockwise.

Remote Control

This function is a wiring solution. The remote control is ordered by a dedicated switch (PN 202836)implemented in the cabin and/or on the chassis of the vehicle, in parallel, our bipolar electrical switches are equipped with a local manual control. Each button is colour coded on the front panel.

Unipolar or Bipolar Device

Depending on your application and local requlations, you can switch one or twopoles at the same time.

If you need:

  • To switch one pole (negative or positive), you need a Unipolar product.
  • To activate the 2 poles (negative and positive), you need a Bipolar device.

Continuous and Maximum Ratings

The value of the continuous ratingis defined when there is no charging of battery. Remember that this value of current is the maximum current accepted by the device when it is on the ON position.

In parellel of this characteristic, the maximum rating is established for short time activities with high consumption (ex: engine starting...). This value has been validated for a period of 5 to 10 seconds. This duration is indicated on the product selection table.

With or Without Auxilliary Circuit

On vehicles or equipment with a thermic engine, the alternator controller unit could be damaged if the power supply is being cut off while the engine is running. The single or double pole main switch with an auxiliary circuit protects the alternator controller if it is in the OFF postion while the engine is running.

Soderep-Ecans proposes 2 types of auxiliary circuits for alternator with:

  • Integrated control (D+): The D+ terminal is grounded before the main circuit switches OFF.
  • Separate control (SM): The auxiliary circuit is opened before the main circuit switches OFF.

Bipolar BMS

See Access Control Sales Ltd.", Mississauga, ON on MacRae's Blue Book