1/4/1/16 DIN Analog Temperature Controllers

1/4 DIN And 1/16 DIN Analog Set Low Cost Temperature Controllers - TDL AND TOS

1/4,1/16,DIN,Analog,Temperature,Controllers1/4,1/16,DIN,Analog,Temperature,ControllersANALOGUE SET LOW COST TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERS - MODELS TDL AND  TOSModels TDL (1 / 4 DIN) and TOS (1 / 16 DIN) are general purpose low cost analogue set Temperature Controllers ideally suited to a wide variety of applications where simplicity of control action and knob setting is all that is required to meet the application. Both models accept Thermocouple inputs J and K or 2/3 wire PT100/RTD.

Both models feature a large setting dial knob with clear scale divisions for accurate setting. Setting accuracy is +/- 2% of full scale.

Model TDL features a 'deviation LED bar' with 10 red LED's to indicate deviation from set point which is indicated by a single arrow LED. Both models have single LEDs to indicate 'power on' and 'relay output' status.

Input Type



Thermocouple J

0-200 C

Supply 110/240Vac

0-400 C

Operating voltage 90-110%

Thermocouple K

0-200 C

Setting accuracy +/- 2% FS

0-400 C

On/Off hysteresis 0.5 C. FS

0-600 C

Output 1 C/O 3A 250Vac

0-1200 C

Control ON/OFF

2/3 wire RTD

0-100 C

Operating Temp. -10 to + 50C/14 - 131F

0- 200 C

Operating RH 35-85%

(Note external allowable wire resistance Thermocouples 100 Ohm max. RTD 5 Ohms per wire)


TOS - H48mm x W48mm x D79mm
TDL - H96mm x W96mm x D100mm

Wiring Connections


Panel Cut-out TOS: 44mm x 44mm

Panel Cut-out TDL: 91mm x 91mm

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