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Access Control Sales Ltd., established in 1986, is a stocking agent, representing industrial automation manufacturers. Based in Mississauga, Ontario our products are marketed throughout Canada by a network of over 250 distributors. In addition to our domestic distributors, Access Control Sales Ltd. ships to businesses all over the world.

We sell over 50,000 different items, representing suppliers as noted on our website. Highlights of some of these products are, "cube style" timers, spring wound timers, radio remote controls for distances up to 10 miles, stroboscopes, tachometers, inductive, capacitive and optical sensors, panel meters and movements, piezo buzzers, LED alarm lights, counters, 3-phase monitors, voltage monitors, alternators, clocks, 24 hour / 7 day timers, time and attendance systems, axial fans and blowers, zero speed switches, data acquisition systems, battery master switches and much, much more.

Our Products


"Cube Style" & Solid State Timers, Plug in Timers, Current Sensors, Microprocessors based Controls & Custom Designed Products.

BWI Eagle
Wireless Industrial Remote Controls for controlling industrial equipment up to 10 miles. Digital Speed Switches, Zero Speed Switches, Sensors, DC Converters, Dust Suppression Systems.

Diehl / Flash

Time Controls & Energy Management Systems, Electronic & Electromechanical 7day/24 hour & Yearly Timers, Signal Clocks, Buzzers, LED interval (count down) Timers, Spring Wound Timers, Bell only style Timers, Motor Driven Timers, Faceplates & Knobs.

Eagle Controls

Large Digit Displays.

EZ Fan

AC Axial Fans, DC Brushless Fans, DC Blowers, DC Brushless Motors & Cord Sets, CPU Coolers.


Flexible Test Connectors for Signal & Voltage Testing.


Sound Alarms - Piezo, Alarm Components, Warning Lights, Alarm Assembly Kits, Power Supplies, Compressors, Level Controls, Battery Backups, Timer Relays, Hour Meters, LED Bulbs.

Konda / Fuzenba

Industrial Counters, Timers, Tachometers, Encoders, Temperature Controllers, Process Displays, Proximity Switches, Photoelectric Sensors, Fiber Optic Sensors.


Time Recorders, Document Stamps, Software-based Time & Attendance Systems, Synchronized Wall Clocks & affordable Access Control Door Locks.

MD Microdectors / Diell

Wide range of Photoelectric & Fiber Optic Sensors, Capacitive & Motion Sensing & Ultrasound Sensors, Safety Devices & Connectors. UltraSonic Sensors, Area Sensors, Safety Light Curtains, Proximity Sensors, Accessories.

Mighty Cord

Power Cords allow electrical current to flow from a socket or electrical source into the power supply.


Stroboscopes, Tachometers, Sensors, Paperless Recorders, Data Loggers, Laser Alignment, Leak Detection, Fiberscopes, Frequency to Analog Converter/Tachometer & Vibration Meter.


DIN Rail Mount Timers, Voltage Monitors, Phase Monitors, Current Sensors & Power Relays.


Products range from electrical wiring devices such as power cords, extension cords, safety lights & outlet taps to electronic components, like switches, PC board assemblies, AC/DC fans, blowers, transformers & adapters.

Shyuan Fong

Analogue Meters, AC/CD Moving Coil & Moving Iron (Pivot & Jewel) Instruments, Current Transformers, Current Shunts & Customized Vehicle Instruments.

Thermo Electra b.v.

Hand Held Probes for Thermometers, Thermocouples, Thermowells, TK Wire, Extension Cable, Transmitters, TK Connectors &Temperature Instruments.


Spring Wound Timers, Defrost Timers, Repeat Cycle Timers, Motor Driven Timers, & Synchronous Motor Timers.

Time Mark

3 Phase Monitors for up to 600 volts, Reverse Phase Detectors, Phase Loss & Phase Unbalance Monitors. Time Delay Relays, Ground Fault Relays.
Current Monitors -Single Phase & 3 Phase. Voltage Sensors-AC /DC-over & under. Pump/Motor Load Monitors- Power Supplies, Level Controls.


Thermal Circuit Protectors, Automatic & Manual Reset, B1 - Metal & Expansion type. MX39 Miniature Circuit DIN RAIL Mounted Breakers MX36 series. High Amperage Circuit Breakers up to 150 amps.


Digital & Analog Meters, AC Ammeters, DC Ammeters, AC Voltmeters, DC Voltmeters, Frequency Meters, Custom Design, DC Shunts.

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  Airotronics/Trimax Electronics


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  Ingram Products


  MD Micro Detectors

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  Monarch Instruments

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  Shyuan Fong Enterprise Co., Ltd.


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  Time Mark Corporation

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