Wilbac™ Services - Design Development Services

Wilbac™ Services - Design Development Services
Wilbac™ Services - Design Development Services
Wilbac™ Services - Design Development Services
Our SERVICES include:

  • Servicing* of all current and former Wilbac™ analog panel meters.
    * (repair, refinishing & remanufacturing) 

  • Servicing of many other brands of analog panel meters.

  • Vintage instrument restoration.

  • Custom dial/face work for most brands of panel meters:
    • custom design
    • silk screening
    • refinishing

Panel meters often have very hard lives, and sometimes need servicing. Even quality Wilbac™ panel meters -- often used in challenging environments -- occasionally need repair, recalibration or refinishing. Our instrument servicing laboratory provides a full range of expert servicing for your Wilbac™ panel meter -- and most other brands!

We can:

  • Repair, Overhaul, Recondition or Remanufacture any Wilbac™ panel meter.
  • For almost any brand of analog panel meter, we can...


Wilbac™ Services - Design Development Services TEST:
Evaluate precision, accuracy, response, stability and reliability.

Adjust or modify meter to correct imprecise or inaccurate indications.
Wilbac™ Services - Design Development Services REPAIR:
Clean and adjust moving parts, correct physical defects, replace meter parts, or entire meter movements, cases, bezels or dials.
Wilbac™ Services - Design Development Services REFINISH:
Silk screen and/or precision hand-paint new scales, dials, faces and/or bezels. Repaint pointers and case markings.
Wilbac™ Services - Design Development Services REDESIGN:
Customize dials, faces and bezels. Logos, labels and other markings can be added or deleted.

Because our meter servicing shop is affiliated with our manufacturing facility (using many of the same quality resources and expert craftsmen), our shop operates with industrial efficiency and quality -- allowing shop servicing rates among the very lowest in the industry, yet backed by our traditional warranty (30-90 days on most jobs) and our reputation for quality work.

Wilbac™ Services - Design Development ServicesOur turnaround times are usually quite short (depending upon current parts availability and manufacturing workload), and shipping is by the most efficient or rapid means that you choose -- from economical postal or UPS shipments, to overnight air express, and even rapid shipment worldwide.

Our brand's global reputation is on the line with every job we do, so every job matters a great deal to us. When your electrical meter needs expert care and support, turn to the meter pros at Design Development to protect and preserve your investment, and get your meter working right, again!

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