268 Over & Under Voltage Monitor from Time Mark

268, Over, Under, Voltage Monitor, Time MarkOver & Under Voltage Monitor Model 268 is designed to ensure that the monitored operating voltage remains within a 120 VAC band. This device uses a dual op-amp comparator circuit to achieve stable and repeatable trip set-points.

The output relay is energized only when the voltage being monitored remains between the upper and lower set-points. Voltages above or below the set-points will de-energize the relay, and illuminate the appropriate indicator LED.

The Model 268 Over & Under Voltage Monitor is designed for continuous duty operation.

  • Useful range of 90 to 140 VAC

  • Monitors over and under voltage

  • Automatic reset

  • Adjustable trip points for both high & low

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268, Over, Under, Voltage Monitor, Time Mark


Time Mark Corporation

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