265 3 Phase Monitor from Time Mark

265, 3 Phase Monitor, Time MarkThe Model 265 3-Phase Monitor continuously monitors 3-phase Wye or Delta systems for phase loss, low voltage and phase reversal. When properly adjusted, the Model 265 Monitor will detect phase loss on a loaded motor even when regenerated voltage is present.

The solid-state sensing circuit drives an internal relay, in a fail-safe configuration, i.e., the relay is energized when correct voltage and phase rotation are applied.

Operating power for the Model 265 is drawn from the 3-phase lines being monitored. An adjustable timer delays restarting of the load, allowing up to five minutes for compressor head pressures to bleed off, in the event of short-term power failures.

The Model 265 Monitor is not sensitive to line current, and can be used with any size motor or compressor. Automatic and manual reset versions are available.

  • HVAC or compressor applications

  • Adjustable restart delay

  • Automatic or manual reset

  • Fast trip response

  • UL Recognized; CSA Certified

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265, 3 Phase Monitor, Time Mark


265, 3 Phase Monitor, Time Mark


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