200 3 Phase Voltage Unbalance Monitor from Time Mark

200, 3 Phase, Voltage Unbalance Monitor, Time MarkThe Model 200 3-Phase Voltage Unbalance Monitor is designed to continuously monitor a three-phase line for unbalanced voltage conditions.

This device will only energize the relay if an unbalance exists. Zero volts on all three phases is considered a balanced condition. This allows the Model 200 to be used with shunt breakers, so that the breaker can shut off the main power without tripping the monitor.

The solid-state sensing circuit drives an internal electromechanical relay. Indicator lights on the monitor show when the voltage balance is within an acceptable range; when an unbalance exists; and when the relay is actually tripped.

When an acceptable voltage balance is reapplied, the Model 200 will automatically reset the relay.

  • Detects voltage unbalance

  • Percent of unbalance adjustment

  • Automatic reset

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200, 3 Phase, Voltage Unbalance Monitor, Time Mark


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