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Breaking Units From Tele-Haase

Breaking Units

Taking your foot off the gas
The compact braking units from TELE can be used to brake a wide variety of motor types easily, quickly and safely without mechanical wear. Motors rated up to 400KW are braked by an electromagnetic field without additional mechanical components. Changeover delays and interlocks ensure braking is performed safely.

Compact Design Breaking Units
In these compact breaking units the contactor for applying the braking current is pre-integrated. Time coordination with the motor contactor is likewise performed by the unit. Active current control is pre-integrated as from type MBG20 onwards.
Compact Design Breaking Units
Modular Design Breaking Units
The modular design allows the breaking units to be used even with the largest drives to apply braking currents of up to 2000A. The duration of active braking as well as the associated contactors are controlled by the logic integrated in the braking unit.
Modular Design Breaking Units

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