Thyristor Control Units From Tele-Haase

Efficient regulation

A simple, systematic and economical approach is available for low-cost control and efficient regulation of ventilation, heating and lighting systems. For continuous and demand-based control for single- and three-phase loads it is possible to use phase control or in the case of heater elements, multi-cycle control. By eliminating wear, you increase availability and reduce costs.

Compact Design Thyristor Control Units
Thyristor control units for up to 50A per phase. Typically used to control illu-mination or heating. A potentiometer, analogue signals or pulse width modu-lated signals control the set value. On the TST-3, some of the options like “burst control”, can be selected directly on the unit.
Compact Thyristor Control Units
Modular Design Thyristor Control Units
The modular design makes possible numerous options for 1- or 3-phase networks. Examples are constant-current or constant-voltage regulation. For applications in electroplating with currents up to 1000A the current limiting with rapid disconnection is another attractive feature.
Modular Thyristor Control Units

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