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Digital Time Switches From Tele-Haase

Digital Time Switches

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These digital time switches can be set exactly to the minute, easily and conveniently. You can rely on them to execute your individual settings in day-, week- and year-based programs. The range of functions also includes block configuration for common switch events on several week days as well as selecting output pulses as an alternative to on/off events.

DIN-Rail Mounting Digital Time Switches
These devices perfectly integrate into house wiring systems. As day or week switches they provide 30 storage locations, as a year switch as many as 102. The transparent front cover and the optionally available terminal covers are of sealable design.
DIN-Rail Mounting Digital Time Switches
Front Panel Mounting Digital Time Switches
The TSC44 types are suitably designed for control panel mounting. The automatic summer time setting (adaptable to different countries) and the ability to select the output signal to pulse mode create additional options in plant automation.
Front Panel Mounting Digital Time Switches

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